This Father’s Day, looking back on what matters most

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The Huffington Post is running a blog on Father’s Day, written by Karen and applying some of the theories of the book:

Decades later when I became a parent myself, I began to truly appreciate what my dad had done. I imagine it was extremely tempting for him — it was for me — to assume he could sequence his life. He might have thought he could focus for a decade or so on getting ahead in his career, believing his family would understand. Then, when we really needed him — say, in high school — he could finally turn his attention to his three children having established himself professionally.

But had he done so, he would have unwittingly missed what may have been the most significant years of our childhood. They might not have been high return on investment years for him — you don’t get a lot of tangible rewards day-in, day-out as a parent. Not, say, compared to a promotion or raise at work. But an investment in a child needs to have been made long before a parent can see the payoff — even earlier than you might realize.

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One Response to “This Father’s Day, looking back on what matters most”

  1. LK says:

    This is such an excellent section you quoted. As parents that is the hardest thing, the day to day sticking with it. You have to believe that by sticking with your kids that it will pay off for them. Hopefully, parents are getting the payoff, even when things are hard.