inDay Speaker Series: How Will You Measure Your Life?

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Clay was recently invited to LinkedIn to speak on the topic of How Will You Measure Your Life. They have posted a blog and a full video of the speech:

Professor Clayton Christensen is well known for his best-selling publication, The Innovator’s Dilemma, and several successful follow-on books where he applies his influential theory of disruptive innovation to social issues like education and healthcare. Clay not only has an incredibly intelligent and visionary mind, but he’s also a caring, thoughtful, and witty individual. I was fortunate enough to get a seat in his popular class at Harvard Business School, and to get to know him on a more personal level as a family friend. After being inspired by his most recent book, How Will You Measure Your Life?, where he takes his impactful business teachings and applies them to an individual’s personal life, I asked Clay to share his thoughts with my fellow colleagues at LinkedIn.

Here’s the talk:

Head over to LinkedIn’s blog to see the full post.

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