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“[A] highly engaging and intensely revealing work….Spiritual without being preachy, this work is especially relevant for young people embarking on their career, but also useful for anyone who wants to live a more meaningful life in accordance with their values.”
— Publishers Weekly

By Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth & Karen Dillon

In his illuminating new book How Will You Measure Your Life? (HarperBusiness, an imprint of HarperCollins; ISBN 9780062102416; on-sale 5/15/2012; $25.99), Clayton M. Christensen along with co-authors James Allworth and Karen Dillon provide readers with answers to life’s most pressing questions: How can I be sure that I’ll find satisfaction in my career? How can I be sure that my relationships with my spouse, my family and my close friends become enduring sources of happiness? How can I avoid compromising my integrity and live a meaningful, moral life? Christensen uses his own life experiences and a personal health crisis to deliver a narrative packed with emotion and practical takeaways.

Drawn from a powerful speech delivered to the Harvard Business School graduating class in 2010, Christensen has written an inspiring and groundbreaking book that puts forth a series of models for success that have long been applied in the world of business, but can also be used to find cogent answers to life’s most important questions. Christensen speaks to readers with candor and yet with the kind of analysis and hard-headed advice one would expect from a business professor and consultant.

In the 2010 speech, Christensen presented a set of personal guidelines that have helped him find meaning and happiness in his life–a challenge even the brightest and most motivated of students find daunting. The talk was particularly memorable, not only because it veered into intimate terrain usually reserved for therapists and religious advisors, but also because it came at a time of grave personal crisis for Christensen himself: in the period of three years, he’d survived cancer, a stroke, and a massive heart attack. As he faced these life-altering events, this question–how do you measure your life?–never felt more urgent and persistent. Christensen was compelled to share his insights with family and friends, but also with his students and eventually with a wider audience.
How Will You Measure Your Life? is a highly original, surprising book from a singular business figure. It will inspire and educate readers, companies and individuals, students of business, mid-career professionals, and even parents–the world over. How do you lead a fulfilling life? That profound question animates this unconventional book of inspiration and insight from the world’s leading strategist Clayton M. Christensen.

Clayton M. Christensen is consistently acknowledged as one of the world’s leading thinkers on innovation and business strategy. He is widely sought after as a speaker, advisor and board member. His research has been applied to national economies, start-up and Fortune 50 companies, as well as to early and late stage investing.

About the Authors:

His seminal book The Innovator’s Dilemma received the Global Business Book Award for the Best Business Book of the Year in 1997, was a New York Times bestseller, has been translated into over 10 languages, and is sold in over 25 countries. A Rhodes Scholar, Clay Christensen is also a four-time recipient of the McKinsey Award for the Harvard Business Review’s best article and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Tribeca Film Festival in 2010. An advisor to numerous countries and companies, including the government of Singapore, he also applies his frameworks via management consultancy Innosight which he co-founded in 2000, and Rose Park Advisors, an investment firm he founded in 2007. Christensen has worked with heads of corporations, heads of state, and heads of households. He lives in Belmont, MA, with his wife Christine. They have 5 children and a dozen grandchildren.

Co-author James Allworth is a former student of Christensen and a 2010 graduate of the Harvard Business School where he was named a Baker Scholar, the highest academic distinction awarded. He previously worked at Booz & Company and recently spent the summer working for Apple. A native of Australia, Allworth is continuing his country’s fine tradition of not having any idea where he’s going to be in 12 months’ time.

Co-author Karen Dillon was Editor of Harvard Business Review from 2009 to 2011. Prior to joining HBR in 2003 as Deputy Editor, she worked at Inc. and The American Lawyer. A native of Reading, Massachusetts, she recently relocated to London with her husband and children.

By Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth, and Karen Dillon
May 15, 2012 / HarperBusiness, an imprint of HarperCollins /
Hardcover Nonfiction / ISBN 9780062102416 / $25.99 / 221 pages

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