Huffington Post interview with Clay

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The Huffington Post is running a Q&A with Clay on HWYMYL:

Figuring out your purpose in life isn’t what many people go to business school for, but perhaps it should be, according to Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen. In fact, it’s something he believes in so strongly that he’s even created a guide in his latest book How Will You Measure Life? Regarded as one of the world’s top experts on innovation and growth, when Christensen was confronted with the same type of cancer that had killed his father, he reflected on what meant the most to him during his life. It wasn’t that he had helped companies make billions of dollars, in fact those things meant very little to him. He realized that it was the impact he had on individual people that mattered most.

Christensen’s The Innovator’s Dilemma was named by The Economist last year as one of the top six greatest business books of all time. How Will You Measure Your Life? shows readers how the same principles and theories of management used to examine companies can be applied to themselves in order to find happiness in a career, personal relationships and even staying out of jail. Rather than offering something anecdotal, Christensen says just as in business, if a person uses good theories of cause and effect, they’ll be able to see the future outcomes of their actions a bit more clearly.

An edited transcript of his interview follows.

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