Harvard Gazette: “Best Practices Writ Large”

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The Harvard Gazette is running a feature on How Will You Measure Your Life?:

The result is a deeply personal book that puts years of Christensen’s observations on human behavior to paper, a process he calls “one of the most worthwhile endeavors of my life.”

“How Will You Measure Your Life?” — co-written with his former student James Allworth, M.B.A. ’10, and former Harvard Business Review editor Karen Dillon — was a labor of love for Christensen, author of the seminal business text “The Innovator’s Dilemma.”

Far from offering self-help or ways-to-succeed platitudes, the book takes on life’s big questions — how to balance work and home life, how to maintain a marriage and raise children, how to adhere to ethical and moral standards — using the rigorous framework of the business models Christensen has developed over two decades.

Head over to the Gazette to read the article in its entirety >>>

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