Forbes interviews Clay on HWYMYL

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Forbes is running an interview on How Will You Measure Your Life? with Clay. From the article:

Why are some over-achievers never happy and content with their lives and what can they do to change that?

Well, one of the things we identify in the book is what’s known as the resource allocation problem. I haven’t met too many people that don’t intend to have a fulfilling life. High-achievers, however, end up allocating their resources in a way that seriously undermines their intended strategy.

This stems from the fact that many of them are wired with a high need for achievement, and they get a pretty big “hit” every time they achieve something: ship a product, get a bonus or a raise, are offered a promotion. It feels good to them; they can see and feel like they’re succeeding. So they ask themselves: “how can I keep succeeding like this?”. And they keep doing the same things.

Jump over to Forbes to read the full thing.

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