Forbes follow-up review on HWYMYL

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Elmira Bayrasli, writing for Forbes, has posted a review of HWYMYL. From the review:

How Will You Measure Your Life provides concrete examples from experiences incurred by big brands such as Dell, Netflix, Honda and IKEA. This helps anchor the book at the practical intersection of life and work. While morality and conscious dominate in this book, it avoids earnest idealism. In many ways, though it never explicitly says so, it argues against it.

What it argues for is hard work, which is harder than you may think. Today’s world provides too many scapegoats and shortcuts. That’s what How Will You Measure Your Life is trying to stop. Or else Christensen says you’ll be “set off in the wrong direction.” He uses his former HBS classmate Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling as an example. “When his entire career unraveled with his conviction on multiple federal felony charges relating to Enron’s financial collapse, it not only shocked me that he had gone wrong, but how spectacularly he had done so.” That, Christensen says, was probably a result of “just this once..” or marginal thinking.

Jump over to Forbes to read the full review.

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