Excerpt on CNBC: “Building a Strategy for your Career”

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CNBC is hosting an excerpt from How Will You Measure Your Life. Pulling from the third chapter, on strategy, it’s focusing about shaping a strategy for your career:

I’m always struck by how many of my students and the other young people I’ve worked with think they’re supposed to have their careers planned out, step by step, for the next five years.

High-achievers, and aspiring high-achievers, too often put pressure on themselves to do exactly this. Starting as early as high school, they think that to be successful they need to have a concrete vision of exactly what it is they want to do with their lives.

Underlying this belief is the implicit assumption that they should risk deviating from their vision only if things go horribly wrong.

But having such a focused plan really only makes sense in certain circumstances.

Jump over to CNBC to read the full excerpt.

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