Crossing the Arctic Ocean, and asking: How You Will Measure Your Life?

Posted on August 11th, by James in Press & Reviews. Comments Off

We just came across this blog by Collin West, who, along with three fellow students, is attempting to cross the Arctic Ocean to raise environmental awareness. He and his team have just encountered an arctic hurricane — otherwise known as an “arcticane” — which has given him a bit of time to reflect. From his latest blog post, up on BusinessWeek:

As a form of advice, I suggest everyone do some accounting on their personal support system, especially this business-focused reader base. It is all too easy to skip birthdays, dinners, and dates to stay late at work or pursue that next promotion. Ten years later you may look around and see no one at your side. It takes paying into the system by supporting others; building true, thoughtful friendships; and genuinely caring to have a strong support network. And when reaching for big goals, that support system can push you to perform better. At the very least, a cheering section feels great.

Recommended reading on this subject: How Will You Measure Your Life?, the book by renowned Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen. This is an important book for any post-MBA to read. It’ll help you keep your life balanced between career and family, and it will help you stay out of jail, too. (Clayton graduated from Harvard with Enron’s Jeff Skilling, among others who lost their way.)

Head over to BusinessWeek to see the full post.

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