Business Insider Q&A with Clay

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Business Insider has just run a Q&A with Clay:

On how to be successful
If you don’t have any idea of what kind of person you want to become, it’s all pointless. You really need to figure out, “What’s the purpose of my life? What kind of person does God want me to become? How do I need to invest my time and energy?” Without that you’re in a boat without a rudder.

And not go to jail like his former HBS classmate Jeffrey Skilling
Just hoping that you’ll become a certain kind of person isn’t enough. Hold to your standards all of the time. Every time you have an opportunity where you can depart — even “just this once under this circumstance”— well, your life is just an unending stream of “extenuating circumstances.” Everyone decides “just this once.”

To become the kind of person you want to become, you’ve got to have discipline. It’s easier to keep to your standards 100 percent of the time versus 98 percent of the time.

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