Bloomberg Businessweek profiles HWYMYL and Clay Christensen

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Bloomberg Businessweek has just published an in-depth profile of Clay Christensen and How Will You Measure Your Life?. The piece weaves together a narrative of Clay’s life and the book:

Over the years, he also noticed that many of his former classmates at Harvard and University of Oxford, where Christensen was a Rhodes Scholar, had ended up deeply unhappy. “Something had gone wrong for some of them along the way: their personal relationships had begun to deteriorate, even as their professional prospects blossomed,” he writes in the prologue of his new book, How Will You Measure Your Life? Many of these folks stopped attending reunions, and Christensen sensed that they “felt embarrassed to explain to their friends the contrast in the trajectories of their personal and professional lives.”

Businessweek reflects on the book itself, too:

More accessible than Steven Covey’s perennial The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, How Will You Measure Your Life? is provocative but reassuring: Peter Drucker meets Mitch Albom. Landing as it does at the nexus of two abominable genres, self-help and business how-to, it earns easy credit for being low on psychobabble and casually self-aware. “Walk into the self-help section of any bookstore and you’ll be overwhelmed with scores of choices about how you can improve your life,” the authors write, cheekily, of the competition. “You know, intuitively, that all these books can’t be right.”

For more, please head over to Businessweek to read the full article.

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