Before you sign up for that extra week of camp…

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The Huffington Post is running an article by Karen, looking at the dangers of outsourcing and the importance of building capabilities in our children:

The same is true for our children. We want our kids to get ahead and believe that the opportunities and experiences we have provided them will help them do exactly that. But the nature of an endless stream of time-consuming extracurricular activities may not actually help them prepare to “compete” in the future. If they’re not deeply engaged and challenged to do hard things, we’re not preparing our children to develop the capabilities they’ll need to succeed in the future.

Our children need to tackle hard problems. They need to learn how to pick themselves up from failure. They need to learn their capabilities. I have wonderful memories of my own summer camp experience — taking my turn at the archery target and making crafts out of moss and pine cones was really fun. But I’m not sure if I’d spent my whole summer that way, I would have emerged more prepared for the future.

Head over to the Huffington Post to read the full article.

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