800-CEO-READ recommends HWYMYL

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800-CEO-READ has just finished HWYMYL — and they’ve added it to their recommended reading list. From the review:

This book is a commingling of Christensen’s passions, but always returns back to the theories he has spent so many years studying and teaching in business courses.

How Will You Measure Your Life is populated with personal anecdotes—the fates of famous classmates, the progress of Christensen’s career, his motivations as a family man, his numerous health challenges—that lead back to business theory as a way to guide others to better decision-making. Treat your life, Christensen says, to the same careful planning you would your business in order to avoid some of the catastrophic events that can happen to companies when they don’t develop a deliberate, yet agile, strategy.

It’s May, and all around us our children, our friends’ children, our nephews and nieces, our grandchildren are graduating from school. Heading out in to a world that is their oyster, but could also be their undoing. Clayton Christensen’s new book, How Will You Measure Your Life, would make a perfect gift, and will help direct their decisions and steer their moral compass as they set out in the world.

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